Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Been dealing with chronic illness?

Can't lose weight? Feel tired all the time? Emotionally drained?

Want to detox?... but don't know how or even what that means?

Have pain that never goes away? 

Well you are in the right place. Whatever your health goals are we offer you easy, affordable remote coaching services to fit your individual needs.  Founder Dee Bayro knows what it's like to have an invisible illness and what it takes to get your life back.  She uses her own experience to help others learn, grow, and discover a healthier way of life. 


We are proud to have the latest in frequency medicine and offer remote sessions. Clients also enjoy discounts to the highest quality professional-grade supplements through our online dispensary.



Our Mission

"Our mission is to truly support and empower people, emotionally, nutritionally and spiritually once the decision to become healthier becomes their goal.
We offer a unique perspective on healing that was only gained from personal experience and holistic therapies.

The goal is to have your life back and a life you thrive in!


Our Founder
Dee Bayro, CHHC


Holistic Health Coach
Cannabis & Hemp CBD Advisor

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