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November 10, 2017

Everyday is a blessing. My name is Dee Bayro and like many other people, I am managing my own chronic health conditions on a daily basis. Last year at this time I was so weak I could barely lift my legs and was using a walker to get around. I was also overwhelmed with fear because there was no apparent cause for my disability. Results of MRIs and blood work all demonstrated I was “fine”. My whole body felt numb and heavy. When the medical community has no idea what is wrong with you and your body is not functioning, life feels like a nightmare. The stress and anxiety kept my body in fight or flight mode, which is never conducive to healing. I researched relentlessly and met with every practitioner I knew to help solve this mystery. The consensus for these unusual symptoms was determined to be a flare up of the LYME disease diagnosis that was finally identified in 2012. Following that diagnosis, it took about 2 years to start to feel normal again. I missed out on a lot of precious memor...

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Cannabinoids may me the most important supplement you add you to your health regimen.

November 10, 2017

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